100 days but really, who’s counting…..?

The predilection of what can be accomplished in the first 100 days in office for a new president is quite astounding.  One would think that a position of such magnitude would be judged on more than the first 100 days.   But nevertheless here we find ourselves watching, listening and reading what the popular media has to say about the first 100 days of the Trump administration.

What is shocking, or not so shocking, is the misinformation that is tossed about in regard to our President.  As per usual the real information is nowhere to be found, or buried so deep that you need a submarine to find it.  The use of the press in today’s day and age to wage political war is suspect at best.  Be that as it may there are most definitely items the populace should be focused on.

One item that no one is discussing is the cost of regulation during a presidency.  If we look back on the first 100 days of the Obama administration as compared to the Trump administration the difference in numbers is staggering.   Thanks to President Trump’s policies of deregulation and rolling back entitlements the total regulatory costs during the first 100 days of his presidency were approximately $27.5 million.  During the first 100 days of the Obama administration, it was closer to $4 billion.  (Yes that’s right there is nothing wrong with your screen).   So for those that say nothing has been done by President Trump in the first 100 days, we say you just aren’t looking in the right places.   Or you are and don’t want to admit it.

If one actually pays attention to the statements made by the current administration specifically outlining the reduction in regulations, you can clearly see how money is going to be saved.   The Trump administration has called for repealing two rules for any one new rule put into effect.  They have also stated that this will be done with zero costs associated with it.  That translates to a net positive financial picture.  Saving the federal government billions of dollars that can be used for other more worthy causes.   We guess a businessman’s insight has proven effective, wouldn’t you say?

Within his first 100 days President Obama approved nine new rules with the approximate cost to the country of over $3 billion.  Compare that to the reduction in regulation that is not only saving us money but also cutting through the red tape that hampers progress and the success during the last 100 days is plain to see.   Even though different politicians and other groups have thrown up roadblocks by filing lawsuits and creating more difficulty in achieving these savings; the progress by President Trump is rooted in the numbers.  And ladies and gentlemen the numbers do not lie.  Projecting those numbers across a four presidential term, it equates to a savings of at least $50 billion.  Combine that with additional savings from the administration’s goals of de-regulating more and the number is well over $100 billion.  This is in stark comparison to the $450 billion increase in spending from 2009 through 2012 under the Obama administration. It is the exact opposite actually.

When you peel back the layers of the onion even with the speed bumps being thrown around by others as an attempt to derail President Trump’s goal; the Trump administration has still saved the tax payers well over $3 billion.   Isn’t that the job of the President?  To govern effectively and protect and defend not only our physical well being but our economic one too?

It would be most helpful if all of the skeptics actually took a look at those numbers and realized that they aren’t giving the new administration its accolades for saving the country billions.  It is also high time that such rhetoric in the press be stopped.  Mr. Trump is the rightful President of the United States and that is at least until the end of his current term.  You may not like it, but guess what you have no choice but to live with it.  Many conservatives were unhappy with policies of President Obama, but we hunkered down and made the best of it.  It just is quite absurd to read articles suggesting President Trump should be impeached.  One specific comes to mind by Ron Insana who makes some of the most ludicrous statements we have seen in popular media.  Ron, stick to being a commentator on CNBC.  You take on politics is just as good as your two failed hedge funds.  (Don’t quit your day job…..)

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