A Letter to President Trump

Dear Mr. President;

Let us start by saying thank you.  We at the Ribotsky Institute are proud of the way you are running our country.   Our economy has definitively gotten better. There are more jobs and we are a stronger power in the world today by far under your tutelage than that of your predecessor.    Your no nonsense approach to politics is certainly what the country needed.

Sir, we do feel the need to apologize to you for the way in which the popular media is handling your statements at the press conference in Helsinki.  According to the popular media and many reporters, you didn’t state that the Russians definitely interfered and/or influenced the results of the 2016 Presidential Election.   You did not scold Mr. Putin for the supposed hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s servers.   We were not shocked by this, why anyone else was is truly beyond us.

Again, we feel we need to apologize for our colleagues in mainstream media because they just do not get it.  They will attack you and rant about what mistakes were made and how you could have done this or that.   What they all forget is that you are the President of The United States.   You went to a summit with the leader of Russia.  (A country that has the other half of the two largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons.)   So, to go to a summit and denounce Mr. Putin on television in front of the rest of the world would have been an enormous mistake.   It could have been a very dangerous move.   So we are glad you were level headed and used your acumen developed over many years of being a success in business to negotiate the difficult waters.

What the rest of the popular press doesn’t seem to get is, in your position you cannot just whimsically slap a foreign leader upside the head and embarrass them in front of their countrymen as well as the rest of the world.  You have to beat them with kindness and play along to reach a desired goal.   It is called a negotiation.  The majority of us who are in business understand when you have to play to your strengths or make your opponent feel they are winning, while you are laying the seeds of your strategy as you go through the relationship.   Embarassing a foreign leader, whole with them,  in front of the rest of the world is not how you make friends and influence people

So if you wanted to scold the Russian President or worse, accuse him of doing what the Special Counsel or the intelligence agencies claim occurred; then you need not fly half way across the globe and meet about it. Scolding you can do from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Our colleagues also do not understand that having both super powers attend a summit would not help us achieve anything new if you were so focused on the hacking or the possible involvement in elections.  What kind of new relationship or understanding would be realized out of a summit where you publicly humiliated Mr. Putin?  We can answer that for you, NONE.   So, your statements makes perfect sense.   You would rather win in the relationship side when it comes to Russia assisting us with China and North Korea than risk losing Russian support and going at it on our own.  Bravo sir.

As a wise old person once said “Sometimes the right thing to do is not the most popular thing to do.”  Words to live by Mr. President.

As to you stating something about our intelligence agencies ability to figure this all out, one can understand if you are hesitant.  As American Citizens we are bit outraged that prior to a historic summit with the Russian President, the Department of Justice would announce indictments against Russian citizens.  Now, Mr. President, we all know those people are never going to stand trial here in The United States.  So what was the point of doing this?  Was it window dressing to try and hurt US –Russian relations right before the summit? That does not seem like the proper thing to do, most especially to protect the welfare of The United States.  What purpose did it serve to announce then?  To what end? Further, the continued conflicting behavior of high-ranking FBI officials give most a moment of pause.    Aren’t they supposed to impartial?  How can the rest of America trust in the veracity of these agencies in regard to investigations?  Doesn’t this all go against the basic tenets of the American system?

So as you get criticized on a day-to-day basis, you are right there are most certainly ways in which The United States and Russia can work together.   It is no secret that when it comes to topics such as North Korea, China, terrorism and Syria our two powers can do more together than apart.

If the critics are interested, they should compare your policies on Russia since you have been in office compared to the Obama Administration.    It is no secret that you have reversed multiple policies that were detrimental to our country that our former president could not achieve.   It isn’t open for interpretation; it is a mere black and white comparison.

In closing sir, we also want to put out that no one knows what was discussed in private when you and Mr. Putin met just the two of you.  I am sure we can all be rest assured that you got your views and ideas across.    It is sad Mr. President that the popular media is so focused on disruption and continuing to question each and everything that is done.   It is quite ridiculous that no one really is comparing the statistics from President Obama’s presidency to yours.    There is no comparison when one compares all of the accomplishments.


May God bless you sir and The United States of America!




The Ribotsky Institute

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