Don’t Let it Happen Again

Dear America,

Yes today is sad day.   Sad indeed.   Yesterday once again a disturbed young American opened fire on innocent children and staff in a school killing seventeen people and wounding others. What started out as a normal school day at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida turned into every parent’s worst nightmare.   Senseless death of children who have not had the ability to achieve their dreams.   It is not right everyone and has to stop immediately.

Once again in our country we have allowed ourselves to become victim to a deranged young gunman. Armed with the civilian version of the M16 Assault Rifle, an AR-15, he began his shooting spree.   Armed with multiple magazines of ammunition, Nikolas Cruz, 19 years old started shooting students and faculty without any apparent motive or understanding as to why.

But I ask you all, does it matter what the motive was? Does it matter if Nikolas Cruz was actually suspended or expelled from school? Does it matter what the actual motive was in his disturbed brain.   No it doesn’t.   It is actually quite irrelevant.   What matters ladies and gentlemen, is that this keeps happening and we stand powerless to stop it. We refuse to pay attention to the warning signs of mental illness.   We refuse to get those in need help for their mental and emotional problems.  The amount of our tax dollars spent to diagnose and help those in need is laughable at best. That needs to change immediately as well.

We also fail to do the one thing that would have saved more than half of the people massacred in Florida yesterday. School boards are against it.   We do not like to talk about it and no one wants to believe it has come to this, but there is no other solution.   What is that solution? Well, someone entering a school must be met with an equally opposing force. Period the end.

First, more gun control will not stop a deranged person from getting a gun. That is the first statement you need to understand.   Gun laws need to change, no question. You should need to have a psychological evaluation or have to pass a test in regard to purchasing or owning a gun.   That is most definitely something that has to happen.   But that isn’t going to stop someone who wants to get a gun.   Criminals. Drug dealers. Terrorists. They all do not go to the local gun store and apply to buy a firearm.   Sorry ladies and gentlemen but they do not.   Guns are available illegally in any city to anyone looking to buy them.  They can also be stolen from a legal owner, which happens more than we care to realize. An individual like Cruz who wants to go kill innocent people, most of those children, doesn’t care about legally owning a gun. Or having large magazines and enough ammunition to take Pork Chop Hill.

Second, and this has been the topic of many debates, is armed security must be put in each and every school nationwide. I am sorry everyone, I know every school administrator, politician, school board member and the like who are reading this is shaking their head.   I am sorry. What you all do not get I do not understand.   The only way to stop this insanity of a 17-year-old kid being able to get a semi-automatic weapon, ammunition and go into a local school and massacre our children is to allow security personnel to be armed. Hire the right security people who are trained former law enforcement personnel.   People who are armed and ready to respond to any threat. Or better yet, mandate that each and every school has to have two armed law enforcement personnel from the local jurisdiction on duty at all times. Armed and ready.

You see, what you all who are up in arms about what I just said do not get is this situation yesterday would have been over a lot faster if an opposing force could have been there at the onset. If someone who was armed was on staff or at a post in the school.   It only takes one or two shots from an opposing force to put the would be gunman down. Or wound them enough to become less of a threat and before he was able to kill 17 people.   Maybe, just maybe if we think logically about it we would have saved those children and staff members.   Maybe, just maybe we should have learned from the deaths that came before.   Until we are capable of identifying those with mental issues that should never be allowed near guns and we are capable of changing gun purchasing, ownership rules and regulations; the only viable solution is very clear.

The school in Florida lost its beloved Assistant Football Coach who shielded students from being shot by giving up his own life as a human shield. He was also the school’s security guard.   Imagine if he was armed and able to return the fire when he first found the shooter.   No, he may not still be with us. But then maybe 14 of the 17 that perished may be.

While this is not what we want to see happen in our schools everyone, the choice is clear.   There is no other way to safeguard our children. Unless we can abolish firearms in their entirety.   Which would violate the basic tenants of the Constitution and isn’t happening tomorrow.

Please stand with us to support allowing law enforcement or trained armed security professionals in our schools.   Think of all of the lives that could have been saved.   In the era of terrorism and homegrown dissent, the answer seems as clear as day.   You may not like, trust me I do not either. But I know that logic dictates we have reached the end of the line on the solutions that do not work.

Our prayers and condolences go out to the families who have lost loved ones yesterday and all those who have lost someone in these senseless acts against society.

We pray for you and hope that we find a solution now so that this does not happen again.


Our thoughts are with you,

The Ribotsky Institute

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