All the fake thats fit to print……

Well it had to be coming right?  The birth of fake news outlets on the internet.  When the first newspaper was published in 1690 no one even thought about periodicals, magazines or blogs let alone the Internet.   Fast forward to 2017 and where do we find ourselves?  It is not only the National Enquirer that has fake headlines these days.  Yes that’s right it is actually the mainstream media.

Take it from someone who knows, everything you read isn’t always 100% accurate.  Ok, I won’t sugar coat it for all of you.  A lot of it isn’t always accurate.   There are some real facts thrown about here or there but if it doesn’t make the story that the media outlet or newspaper was trying to make, then the real facts do not apply.  Isn’t it sad that the world has come to such an obvious deviation from what the concept of media was supposed to be in the first place?  Weren’t reporters supposed to actually report the ‘news’ ?

Do you remember back when people would aspire to become reporters or writers for newspapers.  Now with the digital age everything that was ever said is out there for all to see.  The problem is, a lot of it is just plain wrong.  While there is some well balanced pieces that come out of many outlets, the majority of the news that is published is based on supposition and a rush to judgment before anyone really knows what is going on.

What is so concerning is that people make decisions based on these reports or articles.   They affect our everyday life by changing the way we react to things or the decisions we make.  Of course this is not really a new thing at all.  Quite the contrary actually.  Misinformation has always been a large part of socio-economic propaganda.   It is just now that it has become a mainstream news outlet and it is the inevitable out growth of the era we live in.

Gone are the fact checkers and editors that were the gatekeepers of a once prestigious occupation.  Sure, we are all entitled to the truth.   But who’s truth is it actually? Is it yours ? Mine? Ours? Theirs?   Who is to say that what a reporter writes is actually accurate ?  Stories used to take days, weeks and/or months to prepare.  In today’s day and age it takes hours maybe even minutes.    Look at Twitter.   People comment and tweet things all over the world that may or may not be true.  Sure some is opinion but news articles are thrown around like comments on pictures.   Nevertheless other people follow those statements and take it as the actual truth without knowing or checking it out first.

That seems illogical wouldn’t you say?  When you bought the home you and your family live in, did you have it checked out by an engineer?  Did you or the bank that gave you a loan have it appraised?  Why do that?  You mean you didn’t take someone else’s word for it that the house was actually worth what the real estate agent and the seller said it was worth?   That is why we check on those things right?  We want to make sure the numbers are correct before we finalize the transaction and make a life changing decision.   Well that is exactly what we do not do out there in the reporting world.  People just believe what they read.  Even if they know what they are reading sounds like it could possibly be false.

The blind faith and trust that has been put into the media is astounding.   It is somewhat scary to many who know the real truth.  In a recent poll approximately sixty percent (60%) or more of the American population believe that there is fake news in mainstream media.   The poll goes on to break that percentage down into political affiliation and guess what?  Even fifty percent (50%) or more of Democrats believe there is fake news in mainstream media.    So many people agree that there is no telling what is fake or not.   Many believe that the news media is just part of partisan politics.   That is quite sad is it not?   Or are we just finding out since that is been going on since the dawn of time?   The incidence of it occurring is a daily thing today with the ability to publish anything on social media for all to see and hear.   The way in which we live has changed how we get our information and it has left us open to being abused and led like a group of cattle.

It seems clear that we are not to decide for ourselves what is right or wrong.   We are “spoon fed” what the powers that be want us to hear.   The parties continually put news out there and push those outlets to push public sentiment where they want it to go.  What ever happened to offering opinions on the world at large and letting people decide on their own?  I bet that doesn’t win you many votes in the end.

All in all the media is full of reports of this, that and the next thing when it comes to President Trump and his current hurdles in regard to the ‘Russian Probe’.   Yes it is so repetitive already that it has its own name and tag line.  On many stations it has its own graphic.  But the real tragedy is the lack of actual merit to the articles.

The media has been awash with articles everywhere about impeachment possibilities for President Trump.  So much so that it’s somewhat laughable.   Most of these articles not only do not make sense they fail to realize how difficult impeachment really is.  Or what the process is for that matter.    They also do not touch on how hard an obstruction of justice claim can be as well.  The definitions and utilization are so broad you can park a 747 in them.   They were designed that way and for good reason too.   The founding fathers wanted to protect the country from egregious violations of law while being President.   Sorry everyone, but the evidence is somewhat weak at best and it would take a lot more than that in our opinion to reach an impeachable offense.

Who here remembers good ole Bubba and his “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” statement?  We all now know that this statement was a bold faced lie (enter the dress) and President Clinton lied under oath.  That statement famously led to the impeachment proceedings that died an easy death.  So much so that had President Clinton been able to run for the presidency again he would most likely get re-elected.

So it is obvious, it isn’t the offense we all care about.  It is really the partisan issue.  People still cannot grab a hold of reality and realize that Donald Trump is the actual President of the United States and that is what it is.  No matter what the constant onslaught of fake news issued by mainstream media says, nothing is going to change that so easily.   Also, let us leave you with this tidbit of our point of view.   If we are not mistaken Hillary Clinton was being investigated by the Department of Justice for her handling of classified emails while maintaining the position of Secretary of State of The United States.   Right?  Didn’t President Clinton happen to meet up with Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the United States at the time, on the tarmac aboard her private plan?   Wasn’t it after that when the Attorney General said that the Justice Department would not be moving forward with any charge?  Isn’t that the same as hypothetically asking the Director of The FBI to stand down on a case or move on to another investigation?

Exactly the same actually, although I am sure that Former Attorney General didn’t keep notes of the meeting……………

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