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As you sat back and watched this week as the former Director of the FBI James Comey released a statement and then testified, you must be convinced that these revelations can only hurt President Trump.   If that is how you think then you haven’t actually thought it all through.   We do not blame you on this one as the popular media has its own agenda and tells everyone what they want them to hear.   But if you sit and think about it logically, without a point of view either way, you will see that there are always silver linings in the storm cloud.

The fact that the former director of the FBI stated that the current President told lies about the FBI and felt that he needed to write things down in case Mr. Trump lied about it later on, are concerning statements.  Yes, in most other eras of American Politics the harsh statements and allegations by Mr. Comey about the current administration would be devastating and possibly the beginning of the end.  But ladies and gentlemen we do not live in ordinary times.   (If the past election season hasn’t taught us that then we weren’t listening)

As has been stated in some media recently the actual intent of the President to “obstruct” an investigation is a hard case to prove.   Better yet, Mr. Trump did not order Mr. Comey to cease and desist from investigating Mr. Flynn.  Mr. Trump did not order any of the heads of our intelligence departments to do anything of the sort.  He merely made a statement that can most honestly be taken in any context you want to put it in.   Maybe it was a mere suggestion on the President’s part?  A statement between the President and the Director of the FBI?  It could have been a lot of things, but how Mr. Comey chooses to take it is up to him.  Of course that does not translate into obstruction.    It doesn’t actually translate into anything.   One has to go to what the intent of the statement was at the time.   Was there forethought to obstruct? What was meant? What did the President mean by his statement or suggestion.   The President has also stated even in the same dialogue that he wanted to know who might have been in touch with the Russians so he knows about his own inner circle.   That doesn’t sound like a person looking to obstruct anything.   That actual statement was confirmed in Mr. Comey’s testimony.

You may not realize it when you watched it, but the former Director’s testimony actually helps President Trump.  First, Mr. Comey undoubtedly told the President that he was not under investigation in regard to the Russians being involved in the 2016 Presidential Election.   So right there everyone that is one thing off the table that the world was quite concerned about.  In the paragraph above we stated that Mr. Comey reiterated that Mr. Trump repeatedly asked to know who was involved on his team so he can understand who in his inner circle or possible aides could have been involved.  Another vindication of his desire to find out what happened.

The next piece you may have missed is the fact that there was no earth-shattering bombshell in Comey’s testimony.   Anything that was said or discussed had been leaked prior or was already being talked about.  So there was no revelation that rocked the boat any more than it has already been rocked.  On that note, this is a good thing for President Trump and he is right, a vindication.  He has repeatedly stated he did not collude with the Mr. Putin or any one else from Russia.  It would seem the testimony of the former Director of the FBI supports that.  (So guess what, he wasn’t lying when he said that.)  So the theory that President Trump himself colluded with the Russians has been proven wrong.

Mr. Comey’s testimony also backs up the President’s statements that he wants to get to the bottom of it as this has hindering his ability to effectively operate as well this is part of another excuse by the Democratic Party for losing the election.   This strikes at the actual core of the legitimacy of Mr. Trump’s Presidency and is an attempt to render his administration impotent.   What the testimony also does is backs up the concept that Mr. Trump is not the evil dictator in chief that the media makes him out to be but he is just a neophyte at the ways of being President.  Comey specifically references Mr. Trump’s predecessor and draws comparisons to other leaders who have occupied The White House.  That also rings true for the notion that Trump isn’t merely trying to get the world to work under under his direction but moreover he is just dazed and confused as to how to be presidential.   He has no formal political experience, which shows in his actions and handling of situations.  Of course that is merely just an experience issue and is most certainly not a crime.

In addition Mr. Comey discredited the much talked about New York Times article from February that claimed Trump aides had contact with representatives of Russian intelligence agencies.    The former FBI director made it seem as if the conclusions drawn in that article are all much to do about nothing.   That further bolster’s the Presidents position on the involvement of his campaign, staff and aides throughout this tumultuous past election season.

Comey also goes out on a limb in regard to the conversation between him and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  Giving us all the feeling that maybe there should be an investigation into that.   Why did that conversation make him feel the way it did?  Is there a large difference between what the Attorney General asked stated and what the President’s statement was?  Well we can assure you that there is much more than anyone is saying about that conversation and subsequent meetings.  How come no one is discussing that situation? We find it most curious.

The public should also be quite concerned that the former Director of the FBI knowingly and admittedly leaked classified information.  No matter what the notes said or didn’t say that Comey kept, leaking them or any part of them is against the oath he took to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States.  They were notes and records of meetings with the President of the United States.   Most certainly even if they discuss his underwear size they are or should be deemed to be classified.  Better yet they may fall under executive privilege and should not even be discussed.   Mr. Comey acted like a scorn school kid rather than a seasoned veteran of the Department of Justice.   It is quite concerning that in today’s day and age this complete disregard for basic procedure, fired or not, is overlooked.  What is even more concerning is no one seems to care.  But as we said earlier in this piece, we are not living in ordinary times.

One other thing that seems to not get much attention in the popular press is the world of hacking.  Experts claim that there are ip addresses and other source code that points to Russian involvement in the Presidential Election in the United States last year.  But what no one discusses is the first rule of hacking which is making it look like someone else did the hacking.   Call us crazy but do you think that if the Russian government were the ones that did the hacking they would leave the footprints that lead right to their door?  Doesn’t make much sense does it? No it really doesn’t at all.  Because we all know that any hacker worth their weight can make it look like anyone hacked into a system, specifically a major super power like Russia.   So it is about time someone calls that out on the table.    If everyone thinks it makes sense that the Russian government authorized computer related hacking and allowed their own ip addresses and source code to be found, you would probably buy the bridge we own between Brooklyn and Manhattan……..

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