A Win for Everyone…..

December 20, 2017

Stimulating capital formation and reducing taxes over time will allow tax payers to save money and increase discretionary spending.   All of these facets will have real potential to stimulate the economy and bridge a new era of expansion.

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The Internet of Things…the Next Revolution

December 10, 2017

Make no mistake our fellow humans, a revolution is coming.   You may think we are a little wet behind the ears but trust us we are not at all.   You see the next leg up the food chain of technology is a network of physical devices, vehicles and home appliances. All of these pieces of […]

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The Upper Middle Class….Just isn’t what it used to be…

December 3, 2017

If you are lucky enough to be earning $100,000 annually or over you are technically in the Upper Middle Class in the United States.   That number puts you at double the average annual income in our country, which may sound great on paper, but when it comes to financial stability it just is not enough. […]

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Singles Day………and $25 Billion

November 11, 2017

It seems that Alibaba has booked over $25 billion in sales for this years Singles Day online shopping day that has always rivaled Black Friday and Cyber Monday here in the United States.

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The New terrorism…..

November 1, 2017

A scary and spooky Halloween it was in Downtown Manhattan yesterday.   Twenty nine (29) year old Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov an Uzbek national who drives for Uber entered the United States in 2010.   But today he drove a rented Home Depot truck through a bike/pedestrian lane and killed 8 people in the process.   Why? No one […]

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Death of the gas powered car……….

October 23, 2017

By all means necessary start-ups and major car manufacturers are racing toward an unknown future. All with one goal in mind, dominating the electric car market.   Which is a market that is somewhat fickle and yet to be proven. For every Tesla that has been sold, there are also cancelled electric car orders. Those numbers […]

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Guns are not the only Problem, People are….

October 8, 2017

What possessed Stephen Paddock to open fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel is still a mystery. Almost sixty (60) people were killed and over four hundred (400) were wounded in the largest shooting spree in US history. Make no mistake the unthinkable occurred last Sunday night in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, real […]

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An Open Letter to Professional Athletes

September 27, 2017

Dear NFL Players; Maybe you missed the whole concept of living in the greatest country in the world. Where we all have the freedom to support or protest what we like or do not like.   All of those rights are guaranteed to all citizens and that is what freedom is all about. What it is […]

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The Sad Truth…..The Great Divide is Actually our fault

September 24, 2017

You sit down at the dinner table in some restaurant with good friends and inevitably the topic of politics comes up. Now you didn’t plan it that way, but this isn’t 2007 it is 2017 and so much has happened since then.   You tell yourself that your views are that way because of the current […]

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The Useful Acquisition….

August 27, 2017

If you have been sitting on the side lines wondering why Amazon, the behemoth internet retailer would go anywhere near a retail high supermarket chain like Whole Foods, you are not alone. You may be asking yourself is this for the new retail convenience store like outlets Amazon is working on? The ones where you […]

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