The playing field has changed….Terror without boundaries

Ingenuity or a sign of desperation?

British Prime Minister Theresa Daly declared, “Enough is enough” this morning after last night’s brutal attack on The London Bridge and in Borough Market.  These attacks first thought to be unrelated, were part of the same diabolical terror act.   These come just twelve or so days after the bombing of the Manchester Arena and several months after another incident involving pedestrians in London.

The majority of the terrorist attacks in Europe have been related to the Islamic State in one-way or the other.  The horrific attack in Paris in November of 2015, the more recent attack in Brussels in 2016 and the attack in Nice and multiple others were orchestrated by the Islamic State but carried out by radicalized operatives.    This has been a significant change from the terror norms.   Typically terror groups dispatched cells of operatives into our society and they operated based on a plot hatched some time ago.  Now fast-forward to post 9/11 terrorism and groups like the Islamic State are using social media to attract would be terror members.   These people are being radicalized and then sent out to wreak havoc on the population of some unsuspecting country.

These changes have made it difficult for anti-terrorist task forces around the globe.  One thing is for certain is that it is not just firearms and explosives any longer.  It is not just the release of toxins that we have to worry about.   The terrorists have now begun a campaign of driving vehicles into crowds of people wherever they may be.   If that isn’t bad enough those drivers are then taking to the streets and stabbing anyone in their way with large knives.

This is a major change in the style of engagement the terrorists are using as guns and explosives are still modes of attack that security forces are trained to find and detect.  You know, the explosive sniffing K9.  Now, in the new paradigm shift on terrorism either the terrorists are showing us their ingenuity or sheer desperation.  How do we protect our citizens form the use of every day things?   Cars? Trucks? Knives?  It is a difficult question.

It seems almost impossible to protect our citizens from the use of normal things as the terrorists are becoming increasingly inventive.  One initiative that has moved to the forefront is to install bollard barriers around all public areas in every city worldwide.   You have seen them at government installations and federal or state buildings.  They are the metal pylons coming out of the ground that surround a building or area.  If a vehicle drives at them at full speed the bollard is designed to stop the vehicle quite the way in which a vehicle stops when hitting a tree.  A vehicle at speed hits a stationary object.   The bollard is designed to rip through the vehicle rendering it inoperable and not capable of moving forward.  (Why this was not done after the first couple of attacks is just beyond us)

Now it is time to remove the ability for terrorists to drive into crowded areas of pedestrians.  Each and every public area should be shielded by such barriers, in order to protect the people visiting the landmark or simply passing through the area.  Some claim it is an expensive proposition, but then again so is allowing terrorism to run rampant in our streets.  Cities that rely on tourism are seeing a dramatic reduction in bookings.   So should we wait for more events to transpire?

Until such time as we are going to rid the world of zealots using religion as a shield to conduct their own form of genocide we have to do everything in our power to protect our citizens.  That goes for each and every country.  In order to thwart the intentions of would be terror plots we need to be vigilant and think outside the box.  New strategies, technologies and more advanced protection systems are the answer to dealing with the increased threat of terror without boundaries.

Many security experts are asking what is next? How far will these groups go? How far will the Islamic State go to make its point on a monthly, weekly or daily basis?  While we understand Prime Minister May’s frustration with the situation.   But let’s face it, no amount of terrorism should be accepted.   It is unbelievable that in the year 2017 we are dealing with behavior that is that of biblical times.   The weapons are just different.  Our society has to come together and show the terror groups that we will not be deterred from our goal of a peaceful world.  We will not allow them to invoke fear in the hearts and minds of our children.    These terrorists are cowards.  Preying on people that are not involved in whatever they feel their plight is.  Killing innocent people to make some kind of statement. Is not noble.    It is genocide no matter how you slice it.

Our security agencies also need additional funding, personnel and the ability to use advanced tactics to continue to do all they can to safe guard the public from threats from every direction.  Unfortunately the playing field has changed to the point where the simplest most benign thing, a vehicle, has become the new terror weapon.  This occurs globally while we here in The United States debate travel bans from places where terrorists are schooled and the feeble minded are brainwashed to carry out acts of destruction and murder.   Shame on those for even questioning our President’s attempt at invoking policy to try to keep us safe from these animals. We do keep the dangerous animals in the zoo in enclosures so that they cannot harm people right?  But yet we let these animals into our borders all the time.   Maybe if England had done something similar a lot of the people who have paid the ultimate price may still be alive.

Citizens complain about these concepts but let us remember one thing ladies and gentlemen, the individuals that carried out the 9/11-terror plot that killed thousands of people were on a terror watch list.    Because those laws and rules were not in place those radicals were able to get visas and actually took flying lessons here in our country.  Sorry everyone but Prime Minister May is right.  Enough is Enough……..


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