The Rumor Mill……..

There are once again rumors abound that the Trump Presidency is in free fall. That soon enough we will see the resignation or impeachment of President Trump amidst massive scandals and bad statements that have landed him in political hot water.

To all of those with these ideas swirling throughout the Internet and mainstream media outlets, we say, think again.

What is so disturbing about politics in our country and the actual political establishment is their lack of understanding about the real world around them.   It seems the longer they have been in the game the greater their disconnect. Most miss the point altogether.

Everyone always and repeatedly underestimates the resiliency of President Trump and continually counts him out when they don’t realize the true nature of his prowess.   You see, when you think he is losing, that is when he actually wins. What you see before you is a brash fighting man who doesn’t do it the way everyone else would. So he says things in a way that many do not like and reacts in a way that is unbecoming politically.   Well all, that is exactly what got him elected in the first place. You may not like it, but people voted for change and change is what they are getting.

Moreover people elected the outsider to stir up the pot, right? Well stir and stir he does.   As a matter of fact the more people that say they are frustrated with President Trump the more he gains power and backing from his actual base. So the pundits think he is losing backing, but guess what, he’s not.   You also have to admit that the world is spending an exorbitant amount of time on what the President said about this or that instead of the actual problems at hand. Maybe the other side of the isle should focus on actually pushing forth an agenda instead of hiding behind he said that or he did this. Whining and complaining about someone will only get you so far.

The pundits also all miss a staggering point. Economically the country is a better place so far.   It is hard to argue with and sorry to burst the liberal bubble. Now whether that has anything to do with President Trump or his policies is actually quite irrelevant. The mere fact that some of the things he has done have helped the ultimate beneficiary which is you the taxpayer, amounts to a win for team Trump.   Unemployment is lower than it was and consumer confidence is at an all time high. Those are very hard forces to twist and turn on end in order to make a point for a counter argument.   So if I were on the other side I wouldn’t be putting the next nail in the coffin so fast.

Additionally the liberal media keeps throwing the idea that the President’s approval ratings are at an all time low. That is of course based on the polls that they have conducted.   The fact that the world is still relying on polls at this juncture is quite scary. Do we have to replay the 2016 election for you and discuss the polls that got it all wrong? One group has made the claim that a lot of Trump supporters have stopped including themselves in polls.   That would skew things right? Or how about the polling that is done just of one side of the aisle.   Of course those people would agree that the approval ratings are lower. They don’t like the candidate, the ideas or the party.   That is not a new concept. Remember it depends who you poll right? So scratch the polls off the list of signs of the President’s demise.

The other factor to consider ladies and gentlemen is who else is out there? The Democrats most certainly do not have a frontrunner for a new candidate they can back in the next cycle who can carry the gauntlet and put forth a united party front. So the still fragmented Democratic Party adds to the ability for the Trump Administration to do and say, as it will, since there is no real competition.   The massive criticism from the senators in the Democratic Party does little to move the needle on these topics or create any major issues. Since the Democrats are not in control of the legislative branch of government, it creates a win win for the Republican Party.

So all in all the facts remain pretty clear. The President of the United States is someone who was caught on tape saying “Grab em by the…….”   But he was still elected.   Need we say any more?

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