The Sad Truth…..The Great Divide is Actually our fault

You sit down at the dinner table in some restaurant with good friends and inevitably the topic of politics comes up. Now you didn’t plan it that way, but this isn’t 2007 it is 2017 and so much has happened since then.   You tell yourself that your views are that way because of the current President, the underestimated and poll hated Donald Trump.

The polling numbers are still being bantered about and no one seems to realize that once again, no one is really paying attention. Like with each part of the President’s rise to power its all been misread and the actual polling apparatus is broken.   So much so that the Democratic Party still can’t get its act together to present a challenger for the next cycle. What are they waiting for? Maybe they are polling about it.

We can blame Russia and others all we like, but at the end of the day, yes we as a country elected a billionaire businessman with a short fuse and no tolerance for stupidity.   That would seem like a good thing. Well, people hate change and that is just what President Trump represents. Change. Change has been classified as something so bad everyone is up in arms over it.   Well change is the only constant in the universe.   Live it breath it and know it.

What we do know is that the job Mr. Trump signed up is not the job he actually has.   Yes that is right he is not able to be effective ladies and gentlemen because we as Americans are so busy placing blame and pointing fingers that we forget the real heart of the matter.   The world political system is broken and that is a fact.

Several years ago terrorist acts happened in some third world or Middle Eastern country.   You heard about it, read about it but alas it was not close to home.   Now every major city and truck rental company is on the look out for a radicalized jihadist that is looking to rent a truck and barrel into a crowd of people in a lively tourist spot. No longer are there weapons of mass destruction being used. Just give the guy no conscience and a Winnebago.    College campuses are seeing protests by the droves and other groups are exploding pipe bombs on public transportation to make a point.

But really, we want you to think long and hard, what point is really being made? Who’s point? Which group? Which part? What do they really want? When do they want it and how many more people have to die or get injured for this group or that group to find expression.

Gone are the times of speech, music, culture or soci-economic involvement.   Groups hate one another and will stop at nothing to further their ideology.   If they even have one.

And just like the Global Financial Crisis that President Obama inherited many years ago, we put forth a very unpopular idea. President Trump has inherited the Great Divide.   The forces at work that have undermined the power of being American and having the world come together for the common good were started long before the 2016 elections. If you think that is wrong you are living under a rock somewhere.

As well every time the new President tries to do what he does best, which is shake up the common line of political correctness, he hits a brick wall. Why? Ask your elected representatives. Why is it that no one can come together to allow the new president to get something done?   Well, that would mean compromise and back channel dealings. Yeah all that good stuff American politics is based on.   Or better yet something no one wants, acceptance.   We have become a second rate society where all we do is complain about our lot in life.

Do you really not want to revamp Obamacare that doesn’t work? Most likely not. But even members of the Republican Party don’t want to cooperate. That seems somewhat counterintuitive or lets say just plain stupid. Do you really want a nuclear North Korea? A man who has one mission in life, and that is to the show the world what he can do. Why because Daddy didn’t hold him enough as a baby? You have seen this before right? Hitler rings a bell? Saddam Hussein? Take your pick of any ridiculously impressed with themselves military forcing dictator. No dfference really other than global locale.

But its 2017 not 1967.   John F. Kennedy was killed partially for his idealism and the desire to make the world a different place.   Maybe, just maybe everyone should show the world how resilient we as Americans really are. That we will fight together toward a common goal that protects and defends the ability for the world to live and coexist in peace.   You would think we had all learned by now that war just isn’t the answer.   That means all of us. Not just here in the United States.


Because ladies and gentlemen war is not a solution that will change the process of the world so easily.   It comes with a price and that price is human sacrifice. That is from the lone gunman in a Tennessee church to the dictator trying to achieve nuclear ICBMs.   It is all the same thing.  Home, abroad again all that is different is geography.


Rally together, realize that this is our president whether you voted for him or not. This is our country and if you do not like it, there are plenty of other countries to go live in. But be an American and stand up together. Stop the bickering. The senseless violence and acceptance of acts of terror that have become so commonplace is quite disturbing. Wake up America before it is too late and all you can do is point a finger and blame someone else for your own issues.


Are you ready to help? We are. We stand ready to protect and defend our country by standing up to the divisiveness and lines that have been drawn.


It is time to grow up and realize the current direction just isn’t working.

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Guy September 24, 2017 at 7:00 pm

Snowflakes. No political direction except all out socialism when they realize one day that they too will need to pay for all the “free stuff” , eh, it just keeps repeating itself . Mao, Stalin, Castro make for a cool Tee Shirt, no?


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