The New terrorism…..

A scary and spooky Halloween it was in Downtown Manhattan yesterday.   Twenty nine (29) year old Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov an Uzbek national who drives for Uber entered the United States in 2010.   But today he drove a rented Home Depot truck through a bike/pedestrian lane and killed 8 people in the process.   Why? No one is sure at the moment but a note was in the truck suggesting that this attack was related to ISIS.

Shocked? We are not sure how you could be. From the moment President Trump was inaugurated in January the whole country has been up in arms about the current President’s initiative to stop open immigration and protect our country. People have put up a fight so much so, that the current administration keeps losing wind in its sails as it tries to accomplish something. Court after court has stopped the policy and pushed back on the methods being used.   So much has been said on this topic and there have been lots of rhetoric in the news that is irrelevant or untrue.   The most important facts here are quite simple.   We cannot protect citizens if we cannot protect our borders.   Stopping the individuals who wish to do us harm from entering our country is a step in the right direction.

There is a large portion of our population that feels this concept is horrible and will result in the deportation of people who should stay here. Of course there is a large difference between people who are working and just trying to have a better life and someone who does not have a care in the world for human life.  So increased vetting needs to be done.   Let’s face it; these acts are becoming all too commonplace in the world.

You cannot go to Sin City anymore and attend a concert or risk getting shot by some deranged individual who was able to cart a dozen or so semiautomatic weapons into a hotel.   You can certainly enjoy London or Paris but you have to be worried that there will be a repeat performance of former acts of terror, which happened in both cities.   Now the unthinkable has occurred, an attack happened right here in New York City, during daylight hours which ended in the death of eight (8) people.   Yes, eight innocent people going about their day. Most likely trying to rush home or get somewhere, as today is Halloween.   Which is probably why Sayfullo chose today, as there would be a lot more people around.

Have you asked yourself where we are going as human beings? How long has there been conflict in one country or another in the Middle East? Since you were a kid right? Yes. That is what most of us remember.   So that is not going away any time soon.   What you do have today is the ability for terrorist to reach out from their fiefdoms and strike fear in the heart of innocent people anywhere in the world. Because in today’s age all it takes to be a terrorist is to rent a truck and drive through people.   Sad, but this is extremely true and accurate.  Terrorism has been reborn and it is extremely difficult to stop.  There is little to no warning, no normal chatter in known terror networks prior to such an attack.   These are radicalized individuals that have little to no real affiliation openly with the terrorist group they are idolizing.   That ladies and gentlemen is a very dangerous thing.

How do we put an end to this you may ask? For starters stop complaining about an immigration policy that could keep our loved ones alive.   Do not let people into our country who are on watch lists or who are wanted elsewhere. Who are plain and simple, looking to do harm.   We have to become more vigilant in this country as a whole.   Since the battle lines have changed it is time to change how we deal with the actual attackers. Maybe if we made an example out of one of them, the rest may think twice before driving a truck into innocent men, women and children.

Additionally our counter terrorism efforts need to be stepped up and we need more resources to try to find radicalized homegrown idealists.   The rules of engagement have changed and we need to adapt to these changes or we will not be able to weather the storm.

When we were kids there was still a lot of talk about nuclear weapons and the Cold War. Today the other side does not need nuclear warheads to get people’s attention and destroy things.   All you need is a vehicle and a desire to kill people. Which unfortunately there seems no shortage of.   We must stop this. We must make it harder for people to enter our country as well as try to gain strength from this big melting pot we call home.

Our condolences to the family members of those who were killed in this senseless act.   Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. No matter what transpires your loved ones shall not be forgotten as we fight to regain a sense of normalcy in our world.

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