It’s Time to Act like Americans…

What is wrong here? This is the United States is it not? Last time we looked it is America correct? So why are we continually allowing the constant berating of our current elected President? Why is it that we continue to hear self absorbed stars babble about the current administration? Can’t we realize that Donald Trump is the President of the United States and that’s that? Is it the goal of the United States to be laughed at all over the world? To continue the discord that was the cornerstone of the 2016 Presidential Election?

For many years, even more than one can remember, there is always someone not happy with the results of an election.   Their candidate did not win and they have to refocus their efforts to get their story out there in hopes of winning the next election. Remember, nearly one half of the country did not vote for President Obama in both elections he ran in.   Everyone should pause and re-read that.   Yes, nearly one half of the country DID NOT vote for President Obama. But he won.   The other side, disappointed and not happy, still went on with their lives. They focused on what our newly elected President would be doing to push the country forward. They did not go on national television and defame him every chance they got.

But it seems that we are just still focused on being childish citizens. The Democratic Party’s candidate did not make it into office and instead of retooling for the next general election while giving the current President a chance to do what he said he would do; we down shift into using award shows as political theater. It is disgraceful and the producers of such events should know better.  The cameo of Hillary Clinton was just the icing on the cake for such ridiculous behavior. Quite frankly her appearance in such a statement only hurt her image. It showed that we still harbor the resentment and cannot get over it. It showed childish behavior and forget about President Trump it was disrespectful to the institution of the Presidency.  It was disrespectful to all Americans.

While we understand that we are in somewhat trying times where the country is divided politically, this is actually nothing new. There have always been approximately half of the people who vote in any election that are on the other side of the equation. So why is it now we have instances of people continually showing their disgust for the current administration.   Is it just that the people who weren’t pro-Obama were just not as loud?

We do not believe that is the case. This is more of a case of what is trendy now.   That is why these celebrities who make a fortune because they are allowed to based on the country they are in; should really stop the insanity.   We need to band together and rally around the current President whether you like him or not.   It is completely anti-American to do anything else.   If they want to focus on gender inequality and sexual harassment they should. Those are topics worth discussing and working towards total solutions for.   It is high time woman are treated as equal as men and the harassment stops.   It is time all of the inequality stops. We are a nation of individuals no matter what color your skin, the religion you practice or what your gender is. It is time for us to reach a new level of understanding and stop the ridiculous behavior of men in positions to exert power.   Our children should be taught from an early age not to condone such behavior and not to take advantage of people just because you can.

One thing you are all not complaining about though is the size of your stock accounts. Or that your 401K is now an 802K.   So please whether you like the current administration or not, you would have to be at the bottom of the ocean for the past year to not agree we have economic stimulus the likes of which never occurred in the eight years President Obama was in office.   Sorry people these are just the facts and they are indisputable.

But please act like Americans. It would be nice for a change. Do not soil the flag that stands for the freedom you exercise daily by being able to say what you want. You can say anything but please make sure to have a well-rounded message. We are Americans first.   Maybe you should all remember that….

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